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Think ahead – IP telephony for you Think ahead – IP telephony for you

The migration to IP/SIP technology for telephony in Switzerland is making good progress. As already announced, the plug will be pulled on analogue voice telephony by the end of 2017. Customers' needs for convergent solutions (interaction between telecommunications and IT) are increasing. Carriers are constantly extending their networks and range so that they can offer customers a reliable network with attractive services in future.

This affects customers with analogue and ISDN connections. From today's point of view, it is impossible to say whether all existing telephone system can be upgraded for use with the new IP telephony.

Our employees will be happy to inform and advise you unbiasedly. It is important for us that your company is well prepared for future solutions.

Do you have any questions on this topic? If so, contact us.

T&N takes over Televis T&N takes over Televis

In the eighth year after its foundation, the Televis owner Peter Haas is handing over the entire business operations to T&N. All of its activities will now be managed under the umbrella of T&N with immediate effect. Televis customers will continue to be served by their familiar contact persons. Both companies have to date always offered innovative communication and network solutions for enterprises.

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Social media CRM Social media CRM

Social media CRM is itself a gross contradiction. Customer Relationship Management is based on the idea of a one-to-one relationship where the supplier knows the customer personally and can address them with their name. However, the great success of social media platforms is based on the anonymity of the individual. Recent developments have shown that the combination of both these worlds harbours a great potential.

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Schuler St. JakobsKellerei – Communication about wine Schuler St. JakobsKellerei

Schuler St. JakobsKellerei – Communication about wine
In former times communication based mainly on personal contacts with the customers whereas nowadays Emails, telephone calls and the internet have taken over. To ensure availability at all times and to embed new channels of communication optimally, Schuler St. JakobsKellerei relies on a Contact Center Solution of T&N.

Thanks to a technically mature communications solution Schuler St. Jakobskellerei offers in its wineries all over Switzerland an uncomplicated proximity to the customer. Besides dealing in wines the St. JakobsKellerei is engaged in the knowledge around the wine, the growing area and the art of pure appreciation.
Social media channels like Facebook or Twitter get more and more important. To ensure availability at all times and to embed new channels of communications optimally, Schuler St. JakobsKellerei relies on an Avaya Aura Contact Center. Thereby real-time and historical data can support the customer service even smoother and more individual. Thanks to intuitive communication via voice and multimedia channels the company can communicate with their customers how it is best for them. The outcome is a Contact Center that offers an always consist, efficient and very personal customer experience – a solution that contribute to brand strengthening and improves customer loyalty.
Ongoing Advancement – Investment ProtectionSchuler has decided to become T&N partner and get an Avaya platform six years ago. The open platform offers an ongoing advancement to new circumstances and requirements. Scalability, operational simplicity and investment protection are significant decision criterions for the application in an environment where customer contact is essential for success of a company.
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Reliable and fast – the new Carrier connection solutions The new Carrier connection solutions

Reliable and fast – the new Carrier connection solutions
High accessibility, security and economically priced solutions are especially in transnational networks very important.

Terminal connection methods and internet connections need to be more and more accessible and capable. Additionally they have to be secure and economically priced. Especially in transnational networks these criteria are of the highest importance. Interruption or externally caused disturbance of the connection might lead to high loss of production. Our team provides competent advice to these questions.

To solve these tasks and to get best possible service you need a solution that is individually designed for your company. Exactly this is what we are offering as independent distribution partner.
As soon as it gets to transnational networks and local high-availability connections, Colt Telecom is our partner number one. Colt Telecom was founded 1992 in London and is specialized in telephony, data and internet services. Colt combines services and products, provides the connection to networks and computing centers, fulfil country-specific statutory conditions and offers flexible business conditions – in a network which expands over 83’000 kilometers of length and 23 countries.

Long standing collaboration between Colt and T&N as distribution partner ensures a professional carrying out of all Colt services. T&N is your main contractor for all possible terminal connection methods.

T&N will be happy to advise you – please contact us at Tel. 0844 835 356.

Wireless technology Wireless technology

Wireless technology
Since 1969 Unitel AG respectively since 1 January 2013 T&N Telekom & Netzwerk AG offers unique services in the field of wireless and telecommunications technology.

PROGRESS FORWARD – the future is digital!
T&N offers you the newest wireless technologies from a single source which is efficient and reliable and integrates fast and easily into operational processes. In the area of emergency services, construction and transport or ski-lifts and mountain railways.

T&N and Motorola are important partners
In 2013 T&N achieved the status “Radio Solution Channel Partner”.
GO FURTHER – Click here to find more information about radio communication.
To get more detailed information please contact Marcel Hilfiker (Tel. 062 207 83 92 – – he is at your disposal for a personal consultation.

Workshop “Networked thinking and acting – logic of success” Workshop “Networked thinking and acting – logic of

Workshop “Networked thinking and acting – logic of success”
On Friday, 18 November 2013 the workshop “Networked thinking and acting – logic of success” was held for the 11th time as an internal workshop. 16 employees – from apprentice to executive managers – got to know the logic of success of T&N and its application in the premises of castle Greifensee.

The theoretical part in the morning gave the participants the possibility to develop interesting basic skills – from entrepreneurship and errors in reasoning to the network of T&N. In the following practical part the participants could apply in teams what they learnt.

GO FURTHER – The secret of realization was to analyze the different controllable factors. The participants dealt mainly with the following questions: What goals are defined, what are qualities of T&N, where is potential for improvement, how can the goals be achieved? The proposed measures will be discussed in the management and resulting actions induced.

PROGRESS FORWARDS – Interesting discussions, new and differentiated perceptions as well as convincing team work were highlights of the day. Thank you for this interesting and instructive day – it was a great pleasure for us!

T&N ecological policy T&N ecological policy


T&N ecological policy - Continuous improvement of environmental performance
T&N admits to environmental friendly business activity and obligates oneself to improve its environmental performance continuously. Integral part of the collective management system is environmental management which is in accordance surveyed regularly. Besides positive contribution to economy and environment the social aspects are considered as third dimension of sustainable corporate management and therefore as key factor of continuous development.

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